This is not a waste

We call them (in greek language) baza (debris or waste). A word with many interpretations and uses, almost all of them with a negative connotation that bring to mind negative images "Volume of soil or useless materials to throw away", but also determination of incompetence and worthlessness "this one is for the rubbish".Of course, the variety of our language also has the positive dimension of the word "he made his profit" We call it waste. And that's because they are where we don't want them, they take up the space we probably need and above all we don't know what to do with them, how to use them. The place where they are is registered in the mind of many as a place of deposit and thus the volume grows. Have you thought about what this pile consists of? Are they useless? Is it really for throwing? Are they materials that encapsulate the history of human progress, they offered for many, many years protection from weather conditions, they contributed to the transport of goods, they were breakwaters, houses, monuments, roads, ports. Yes, it is these materials that contributed to the development of trade and the dominance of empires. They contributed to the creation of architectural masterpieces and led the course of architecture to incredible turns.


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